WildFire Bread

Organic Carrot-Raisin+Cinnamon! (28oz) ~ $10 ONE PER CUSTOMER, PLEASE!


It’s been too long since I’ve made this bread, and this time I’m adding a cinnamon twist! I’ll be putting 15lbs of organic carrots through my masticating juicer and the carrot juice replaces nearly half the water in the dough. During the stretch-and-folding process, all the carrot pulp and raisins will be hand-folded into the dough. The only addition to the dough is organic raw carrot juice, the carrot pulp with added cinnamon, and plump, cinnamon-soaked organic flame raisins. Like so many other of my breads, you won’t find this loaf anywhere else but WildFire Bread! 🙂